Who’s in charge here?

I am Batty, and I am the CEO of FELIS CATUS, Inc. When I arrived, in November of 2012, I was injured. I had stitches in my side, one of my toes was broken, and another one had been surgically removed. The humans say they wish I could tell them what happened to me, but I just want to forget about it.

They took me to the vet to have me checked out and “get fixed” and then they tried to find a home for me. I kept telling them that I WAS home, but they kept insisting that they were going to findĀ a home for me. Eventually, after about six months, when I had been nice and friendly to everyone who came in the office (except some of the kids, who scared me and made me hide), they kind of stopped looking for a home for me. (I don’t know why they didn’t listen when I told them I was already home!)

When Denise was in a nursing home after an accident, I went to visit her a couple of times because she really missed her kitties (including me). She said I behaved very well. It’s because I missed her too. And also I’m a good boy.

When I was about two years old, I started having seizures. But the humans got me some medicine called EaseSure that they make me take twice a day. I don’t really like it, but it does keep me from having seizures. It also makes me feel better. I am more playful and energetic now than I have been in a long time!

I haven’t been here for all of the cat rescue that’s gone on, but some of the outside cats talk to me through the door, and I’ve heard the humans talk, so I think I know enough that I can tell you about cats that have been here in the past. And of course I know all about any new cats that may come along — I hiss at them every chance I get and tell them to hurry up and get adopted before I have to beat them up!

Here are a few pictures of me:


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